Behind the Scenes – Our Second Office!

This week we announced the opening of our second UK office, right here in Essex, five minutes from Hurley HQ. As the company has grown so fast and we’ve taken on more and more people, its become REALLY squashy at my (once tiny!) home office and we had actually started working in shifts at one point with people taking stuff home to do, it just wasn’t practical especially with even more growth on the cards for us!

So this month, we opened a second office (myself and my P.A. are staying at Hurley HQ) just 5 minutes down the road. B is looking after the day to day running of it and I pop in once or twice a week – We always start the week with a big team meeting on a Monday so sometimes we will do it there and sometimes here at Hurley HQ.

Here are a few behind the scenes sneaky peeks of the office for you…

Hurley Central Sarah Hurley 3

You may have seen this picture of B project managing on my Instagram last week, we’re still a bit of a work in progress but it’s coming along nicely and we’re up and running over there already though still a bit to do!

Hurley Central Sarah Hurley 4

B’s mum came to help us last weekend, isn’t B a gent holding the door open for her while she does all the hard work! 😂 (mind you, I’m just standing there taking pictures of her! lol)

Hurley Central Sarah Hurley 2

and finally a look around what we’ve done so far…

Hurley Central Sarah Hurley

It’s weird having everyone spread out but it’s really working for us so far (yay!) once we’re all done it should be AMAZING for all of us.

Thank you for dropping by today!

Sarah x

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