USA – Day 6!

Day 6 and my last day here in the USA, today I’m in L.A. and, as if that wasn’t good enough!, I was brought this as breakfast to my room, Nutella french toast with candied bacon…


crazy, right?! it was delicious but I could only eat that quarter cut out, it was SO sweet! After breakfast, my driver came back to collect me and I had just a few hours to get everything done before flying back. First to make it across town to Burbank for a meeting (SO excited about that, seriously MEGA excited!) It’s probably a good thing I didn’t eat much as my tummy was doing the most amazing flips all the way there and all the way through! lol. This was the beautiful view getting into my car outside the hotel, such a lovely morning!


I got a little bit nervous as the road outside my hotel was shut off by Highway Patrol for a bit (I heard it was Bernie coming to do a political rally at the convention centre next to my hotel) I thought I might be late but after a little convoy of cars came through they let us out and we got going pretty quickly after that – phew! After my meeting I had to come back across town to sign and pick up some paperwork, pick up my case and head back to the airport. I managed another little 10 minute walk to pick up some supplies (I HAVE to stock up on some of my US favourites while I’m here to take back to the UK with me or I miss them too much! lol)


Just a few of my US essentials – mac & cheese, legal pads, Pepperidge Farm Sausalito cookies (already bubble wrapped and packed, lol) some cosmetics, my favourite suncream and ranch dressing (it’s not the same in the UK!) – I pick up a giant stack of magazines and a couple of books at the airport – same every time pretty much, lol.


I took in the view one last time as my cases were being put in the car, how beautiful… I’m already missing it and excited for my next visit!


and within what seemed no time at all, I was back on the plane. I did see at the airport (they have a Mattel shop there now!!) that they make Twilight Barbie dolls, I’m so excited about that, I watch Twilight over and over again, it’s a bit of an obsession! (to any young and impressionable girls reading my blog, even though I love the story and the film, being a sappy pushover like Bella is NOT cool guys – do not live  your life just for some boy! pep talk over… lol)


I also have to tell you about the most beautiful perfume I found in Duty Free, Guerlain La Petite Robe Noire – SO pretty! Have a sniff next time you’re in a department store, I’ve been wearing it every day since I got back.


After take off I finished watching Pride & Prejudice and Zombies – very good film! and then slept the whole rest of the way home – I had the whole row to stretch out and sleep again, yay! (it was SO cold though! thankfully the air hostess gave me 3 pairs of socks to wear on the plane and 2 blankets, lol) – only waking up back in chilly London

This trip was absolutely one of my favourite trips to the USA EVER! I crammed so much in to my 6 days, met some fantastic people, done some great stuff, set some new MASSIVE goals, saw breathtakingly beautiful places, had fantastic and successful exciting meetings, signed some BIG contracts (more news soon!!) pushed forward in new and exciting areas of my business and even took time out to relax and have fun with friends. I can’t wait to do it all again!

Thank you for dropping by today
Sarah x

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