USA – Day 5!

Day 5 is the day I’ll wake up in Hawaii and go to sleep in L.A.! I had to start my day with a walk along the beach as it was my last chance *sob* I ended up sitting there til basically the last possible minute (do you blame me?? lol)


I took one last gaze at the view from my hotel room…


before throwing everything in my case and legging it out of the door to catch my airport shuttle back to Honolulu airport.


the airport had a few er… “unique” offerings…lol 😂


just so you know, I didn’t buy these, I got EVERYTHING pineapple flavour instead, candy, butter, pancakes, you name it, I got it!

The runway at Honolulu airport is right alongside the sea too so this is the view as you take off… amazing!


On the plane I watched a loooong but very very good documentary on Walt Disney, so inspiring and eye opening! I landed in L.A. around 10pm (I’ll never tire of L.A., how can you, look how beautiful… *sigh*)  I’m so happy I get to spend so much time here!


and was picked up by my driver, and taken back to my hotel. He would be back just 7 hours later to pick me up for my last very busy day in the USA…


Thank you for dropping by today!

Sarah x

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