USA – Day 4!

Day four of my USA trip is in Hawaii and it’s day two of the Silhouette Summit. I started the day with a wonderful walk along the beach, check out the rainbow!!


I wish I could take that home with me!! There are so many rainbows in Hawaii because of all the little rain showers (it’s so warm you barely notice them most of the time, they’re really fine like sea spray) Today we are being taken to do some fun stuff. I went to Kualoa Ranch to take an Ocean Tour and a Movie Tour. Here are some of the views on the drive there…


When we got to the ranch, we were taken on a bus to a little wooded area with a tiny little jetty where we waited for a  boat to take us across what they called a pond, but in the UK would probably be a lake! The pond was used for filming some of the submarine scenes in LOST so I was super excited to see that, I love that show!


The little boat took us to a place called Secret Island where we would catch a Catamaran for the big ocean tour. Secret Island was amazing! so secluded, with some rare trees and plants and a small beach, I could live there! I also saw a Barracuda here too, my new friend Riley (the daughter of one of my fellow Silhouette artists) pointed it out to me, she’s 11 and loves all things British, she’s also super smart about birds and fish.


The catamaran took us out on the ocean, there were some pretty big waves, at points the boat was almost at a 45 degree angle! so we all got pretty soaked as the boat bounced up and down, SO fun! I just love boats. We circled a place called Chinamans Hat, the little island you see in the picture below (named because of its shape) and then went to Turtle Reef where we saw a real life Sea Turtle!! it was pretty far away but still so exciting to see one in real life.


After the ocean tour (I’ve never seen ocean so clear and turquoise) we had a quick stop for lunch and we were then taken on the movie set tour, we saw where Jurassic World, Godzilla, LOST and so many other films were made, I even got a picture of Hurley’s Golf Course!!! (fellow LOST fans will know just how exciting that is!) The views along this tour were just amazing, the bus had open sides so the breeze coming in off the ocean was beautiful, it was such a magical experience.


We also toured a bunker called Battery Cooper that had lots of war and film memorabilia in it and I got to see the LOST submarine! (sorry for all the LOST stuff, I was just SO excited to see it all after loving the show for years)


After the tour, we headed back to Waikiki where we had literally about 20 minutes to change (and sort out a pretty serious case of boat hair in my case!!) before heading off to another boat for the evening dinner cruise.


The boat was absolutely gorgeous and there was Hula Dancing, Hawaiian music, a Haka, a Jazz Singer and Saxophone Player and then another singer, a Conga line and Dancing and Cocktails – Silhouette really thought of everything this trip and made the experience for us SO incredibly amazing, I’m so grateful to them for inviting me to be there!

After dinner, a few of us wanted to check out a local gift shop (before you ask, of course I bought a Hula Girl T-Shirt and a dancing Hula Girl for B! lol) and pick up a late night Shave Ice (apparently a 5 course dinner of Lobster and Steak wasn’t enough… lol) we were determined to get one more in before we left the island. Like a total rockstar *ahem* I took mine back to my hotel room and ate in in bed (SO tired by this point! lol)


Another jam packed day of fun and activities, we got some great networking in over this day and had so much fun seeing more of Oahu, I was blown away by how amazing this place is!

I can’t believe tomorrow (day 5) will be my last day on the island and I’ll be heading back to L.A.

Thank you for dropping by today

Sarah x

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