USA – Day 3!

Day three is here! and it’s the first day of the Silhouette Summit here in Waikiki, Hawaii  and the day we get to see all of the new product releases coming for the rest of this year…

I started my day here on my Lanai, catching up with emails (and too distracted by the beautiful view to do my blog post, why it’s late! sorry! lol)


Before going to take my place at the Summit, I met some fantastic Silhouette designers Krafting Kelly and Maritza-Lisa and we got to share our love for Silhouette!


At my table, I met fellow Silhouette Artist Jennifer Rush and her husband Tim, we basically hung out the whole entire time after that so I’m SO glad I did! 🙂 The presentation got underway with news of revamps on existing products and then the reveal of the new consumables and finally the new machine!!!!!!! (there are not enough exclamation points for how much I love that thing already, seriously!) I cannot wait to get my hands on one and I just know you’ll all love it too.


After that I had a little break and went outside to catch some sun, I found a little area here at the hotel just before the pool where you can sit in a rocking chair next to a koi pond and just watch them swim, a little bit creepy (fish weird me out! and these things are MASSIVE, I swear one of them was almost as big as Fuzzybutt!) but very relaxing – I need a rocking chair at home now!


This was the view from that spot, through the palm trees to the ocean, bliss!


We then got to go and play with all the products and I learned SO much from the Silhouette team, they are so knowledgable about the products, it was fantastic. I also met fellow Silhouette Artists Rivka and Sophie and being the naughty troublemakers of the group (as we found out!) we sneaked out to a nearby food stand Rivka had found, to try the delicious Hawaiian dessert Shave Ice, do I need to explain this… *ALL the heart eyes!*


its basically soft ice cream (or fro-yo) covered in shaved ice, fruit puree, fresh fruit and those little squishy balls you get in bubble tea – OH EMM GEEEE it’s good! and so refreshing in this heat.


We then had separate break out session meetings in the afternoon where we got even more information about plans of how we’re going to work together – I’m SO excited for what my year ahead holds with Silhouette!!


What better way to end the day that sitting by the pool with friends having cocktails and chatting until it got dark, watching the sunset was magical! After that we had dinner at a lovely beachfront restaurant here at the hotel, where we got to watch a fantastic light show they do over the pool, it was just amazing!


So that was Day 3 of my US trip but day 1 of the Silhouette Summit and it was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! Silhouette really thought of everything and I’m SO excited about what’s to come, getting to meet my fellow artists and the Silhouette team in person and hang out with them and their families was so lovely and it was just a super amazing day.

I’ll be bringing you more news of Silhouette products and things soon so keep  an eye out!

Sarah x

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