USA – Day One!


Today is my first day here in the US and already I’m having the BEST time! I had a great flight here, a whole row to myself so I could flip up all the arm rests and stretch out (as much as one tiny 5ft person can anyway! lol) and get some sleep. I also FINALLY watched the film JOY on the plane. My hairdresser has been saying to me for ages that I need to watch this film, he said he watched it and it reminded him of me so much, I LOVED it, it was such an emotional film, I related to so much of her story and if you haven’t watched it yet you really really must! I also started watching Pride and Prejudice & Zombies which was fab and so funny but I fell asleep about half an hour in so I need to watch that again on the way home!! (I’ll probably re-watch JOY again too if I’m honest, lol)


Funny thing happened on the way here too, on my airport shuttle to the hotel, the man sitting next to me starting chatting, we spoke about where we had both come in from, then went on to talk about how much we travel, where to etc… he asked me what I did for a living, I told him about my business and how it’s growing so fast etc…, I asked him what he does for a living, turns out he was a corporate business and change management consultant – erm… JUST what I need!! He then basically talked me through an hour and a half (LA traffic!!) consult of my business, gave me a TON of advice and guidance and got me thinking about a whole load of other stuff, all for free – SO generous of him (he could have just given me his  card, though after hearing the companies he works for I’m guessing I’m way too small fry to afford him! lol) exciting, don’t you think things like that are just FATE? Amazing…


Now I’m just catching up on some emails and work by the pool (not too shabby, right??) it’s gorgeous here! I have a meeting in an hour (I should get back to my room just in time to watch the Disney fireworks with a hot chocolate – bliss!) then one after breakfast tomorrow –  I’ll be sharing more about that very soon!  After that I’m PROPERLY excited because I have been invited to go and join the Silhouette Summit in Hawaii tomorrow so I’m back on a plane to head off there straight after.


I’ll keep you posted about my trip and of course all the exciting news and updates from the Silhouette Summit!

Sarah x

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  1. pinkbonbons1974

    Sounds amazing….definitely fate! Enjoy the rest of your trip….I love the US! I’ll definitely watch that film! 😄😘💕


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