Stationery Haul

Last week I went a bit crazy on stationery and stocked up a bit (ok, more than a bit, I’ve enough to last me a lifetime most probably! lol) but I thought I’d share some of my favourites from this haul.

Sarah Hurley Stationery and Planner Haul

First up, my new loves, I’m a bit late to the whole planner thing (and I’ll cover how I’ve fitted them into organising myself / my life / my business in a separate post!) but I’m FULLY on board now! These two Kikki K Planners are just fantastic, I bought the mint (obviously!) and yellow (I couldn’t resist the beautiful sunshineyness of the colour) in large – my handwriting is quite big and I always have scraps of paper to stick in so I thought the smaller sizes would probably be a bit small for me.

I used some printables and the Kikki K colour in dividers to customise and organise and got some yellow paper inserts from Paperchase (does anyone else find writing on yellow paper better / easier to process?) I’ll go into some more detail on this in my future organisation post!

2016-04-06 13.10.26-2

The colour in dividers I’ve used to mark the current week as the tabs are at the top and it’s a great way to pass the time while on hold or during thinking time or on long conference calls (don’t worry, I was totally concentrating!)  it’s also a great excuse to always have colouring pencils on my desk – though I will need another pack of dividers in a few weeks to make sure I always have something to colour!

Kikki K To Do List and Stickers Sarah Hurley

I LOVE this To Do List pad from Kikki K – being able to organise what is urgent and what can wait is super helpful as sometimes urgent tasks get a bit lost on long lists! The sticker book is also from Kikki K (this is the Live What You Love book) and I’ll be using these for a little boosts of motivation throughout my planner!

Kikki K Monthly Planners Sarah Hurley

For more general planning I got these month pads (also from Kikki K) one is A2 size and one is A4 size – the A2 size we’re using to plan social media / blog posts etc… and the smaller one for dates / shows / events etc… and you can tear off each month to tape it to the wall or pin it to a board, it’s also a great size to spread on the table and all be able to work around (the big one is also so big you can’t hide it away and pretend you forgot!!)

Hema Stationery Kikki K Planners Sarah Hurley

These weekly planner and to do list sheets are from Hema, I keep these on my desk for quick reminders to myself and notes for my team – these are super cheap and I love the designs, they fit really well with my planners and I can tuck them inside, pin them up or tear the pages off to give to people to make them quick and easy referenced lists!

and last but not least, can we just discuss these notebooks! I literally couldn’t resist, gold, pink, mint, metallic, pretty! The Stripy One is Kate Spade (from Modcloth) the Pink ‘I Did My Best’ one is from Paperchase, the Mint one is from Kikki K and the white and gold one is from Hema (the home of bargainous stationery in case you’re wondering!)

I hope you’ve enjoyed a little look through my haul, if you have any must shop stationery places I’d LOVE to hear about them, let me know!

Thank you for dropping by today

Sarah x


  1. sandra

    Love everything!!!
    ..And I can understand you completely about the shop HEMA, I am so in love with that shop!!;-)
    I posted couple days ago a post about my (shopping) week in pictures, most of the purchases come from Hema!!:-D


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