Mini Paperchase Haul!

Recently I had a little bit of time to kill at Kings Cross station waiting for my train so I popped into the tiny Paperchase there thinking there wouldn’t be much in there I could be tempted by… wrong! Had to pick up a few little gorgeous treats of course. Here is what I ended up with…

paperchase stationery haul sarah hurley

Felt Christmas Dinner Stickers, Felt London Christmas Stickers, Scratch & Sniff Fast Food Stickers, Selfie Accessories Stickers, Puffy Fairytale Stickers, Rose Gold Binder Clips, Burger & Fries Lipbalms

The rose gold binder clips were a complete no brainer for me, I often use clips to keep individual papers together and rose gold is one of my current obsessions.

paperchase stationery haul sarah hurley close up 2

You’ve probably spotted the Burger theme too, you can’t walk past scented Burger stickers though, right? Sorry to say, they were a bit disappointing and the smell was a bit icky (boo!) probably a hard one to get right though (sorry Paperchase, I still love you!)

paperchase stationery haul sarah hurley close up 1

The Burger lip balm was better because it smells of cotton candy. The felt stickers are SUPER cute and I’ll be using them on my gift tags and Christmas scrapbooking, so fun!

Considering how tiny the store is there (I think it’s just literally if you’ve forgotten your pen or notebook – or like me your glue dots!) I think I had a pretty good little spree!

Thanks for dropping by today

Sarah x



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