Happy 5 Years Birthday Celebrations!

sarah hurley 5 year birthday

Continuing our 5th Birthday celebrations, we’d love to offer you some Birthday bonuses as well! So for every order placed this weekend at SarahHurley.com (from now on Friday 30th October to midnight on Sunday 1st November) we’ll be offering a free gift, there is no code or anything necessary and it applies worldwide not just to the UK, your gift will be automatically added to your parcel.

(please note this is only for physical orders not digital orders but there is no minimum spend) If you make a crafty purchase we’ll include a mystery grab bag of crafty related bits for you and if it’s a non crafty purchase we’ll include a voucher for you to use towards your next purchase (vouchers range from £5 to £25 and are included randomly – so you could get very lucky!)

Keep an eye on my Facebook page over the weekend too as I’ll have another little something for you to get involved with there 🙂

Thank you for dropping by today!

Sarah x

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