Five Years!

This week marked a big milestone for myself and all of Team Hurley – Five years! FIVE! of the Sarah Hurley company… I still can’t quite believe it, it still feels really surreal and like only yesterday I was in the corner of the living room packing my handful of orders and deciding if I should order 10 jiffy bags or be REALLY brave and order 25 (we now order them in thousands – crazy!) On the one hand that feels like yesterday and on another it feels SO long ago because so much has changed in a relatively short time. Back then I could barely pay myself, I definitely couldn’t afford heating and used to often work in gloves and woolly hats, now I have a fantastic team (and heating! lol) and can even leave the office for days at a time (when I’m at Hochanda for my TV shows or travelling for meetings) and they can handle everything in my absence, amazing!


(from left to right – Noddy, Amy, Fuzzybutt, B, Me! & Lucy)

Before you think ‘ick, show off, bet she had it easy!’ I promise you, I didn’t!! I started my business with just £40 and in the worst time of my life (you can read more about that from my year three review here on my old blog) I’ve had struggles along the way, rejections (lots!), bullying, copying (lots and lots!), late nights (really LOTS!), tears, tantrums and heartbreaks but the one thing that remained is my focus and determination on doing what I LOVE, what I know you LOVE and what I feel to be right.

I feel blessed to be able to work with the most fantastic group of people who completely GET my vision and want to make it work as much as I do, these goofballs are truly amazing…


and I just know the next five years are going to be even more incredible that the last five – I can’t wait!

To include you in our ongoing birthday celebrations (that have been going on most of the week here at Hurley HQ!) check out my blog post coming later today and my Facebook page where this weekend we’ll be sharing lots of celebratory goodness with you – without you and your support I wouldn’t be here so we want to show our appreciation 🙂

Thank you for dropping by today!

Sarah (& Team Hurley!) x

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