A Little Inspiration – Follow Your Dream…

Yesterday, my lovely friend Diane, shared this video on Facebook, I very rarely click on shared stuff if I’m honest but I clicked on this, I watched the little one minute video and had one of those moments where you just want to shout YES! this is true! I had to share…

I’m grateful every single day that I ‘failed’ at what I chose to do out of practicality, the thing I thought would be secure, pay the bills etc… (it seemed like the end of the world at the time!) now I do what I LOVE, what I knew I really should be doing all along and I’ve never been happier (or more secure since I only depend on me!) We all have to do things out of practicality at times, jobs we hate (trust me, I’ve been there! I’ve squeezed shoes on to smelly feet in a shoe shop, lugged boxes, shooed rats out of a warehouse, packed shelves, been yelled at, cried myself to sleep and even contemplated falling down some stairs so I didn’t have to go in that day! madness…) But just because we are doing those things doesn’t mean we can’t keep taking small steps towards our dream – I never envisioned being lucky enough to do what I do, not ever, but still I never stopped creating, never stopped drawing, never stopped writing, never stopped imagining, because thats what I love to do and eventually – at a point where I had nothing left to lose, I went for it and it happened!

I hope you love this little clip as much as I do and it gives you a little inspiration wherever you are on the path to your dream (don’t give up!)

Thank you for dropping by today!

Sarah x

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