Exciting News! Top Drawer Autumn / Winter 2014

Today I get to share some exciting news (yay!) I am very very pleased (and a little bit nervous) to tell you that we will be exhibiting at our very first trade show this September!! I’m even more excited to tell you that the show we will be exhibiting at is the very fabulous and well respected Top Drawer!

You may remember that Lisa and I visited Top Drawer in London earlier in the year. We had no expectation that we were going to exhibit at the next one, we just thought it would be great to look around, meet some people and see how far off being ready we were. As we were walking around the show, Lisa kept saying to me ‘you could totally do this, you’re SO ready’ I was still unsure… But as I looked around I did feel like I could fit in, that maybe I was ready.

When we got back to the office I had a little look at the website – i thought it was like any other trade show, you paid for your stand, rocked up with your stuff and Bob’s your mums brother – not so! You have to apply, send over samples of your work and a panel decide if they think you’re ready and if you would fit in well – the show is curated (eeek!)

 I decided to apply, I thought I’d probably get turned down the first time anyway and it would be good experience and I might get some feedback (I should know better than to do stuff like this by now – ha!) Anyway… a couple of weeks later, I was at Stitches in Birmingham when I get a phone call from a lady at Top Drawer – I thought this is nice, she’s letting me down gently… She was calling to confirm what size stand I wanted – they loved my products and I was IN! (double eeek!)

So now, we have just a couple of months to go before I will be launching lots of new products in front of some of the most well known buyers and press (triple eeek!) I’m so looking forward to it! We’ve been planning for months and now it’s very nearly here!!! I hope some of you will be visiting and will come and say hello and see all of the new things.

Thank you so much for dropping by today and sharing my excitement!

Sarah x

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