What I Wore… with Collectif London

Something a little bit different here on my blog today, and the first in a new series (whoop!) so here goes… I’ve had lots and lots of you asking me about the lovely dress I wore for last weeks Create & Craft shows on Saturday…

I must admit, I’m soooo happy so many of you loved it as much as I did, it had everything I loved in a dress, great attention to detail with pretty cuffs, peter pan collar and velvet bow, gorgeous colours, navy blue and forest green, swoon! a decent length skirt (at 5ft tall I REALLY shouldn’t have to buy dresses in the tall section, but often I do just to keep my botty warm and decent! I feel for you taller ladies trying to find a good dress length!) and a fitted top half – being an hourglass shape, if things aren’t quite fitted in to my waist I end up looking like I have a maternity smock on!

It also had that cute vintage vibe to it which I just love, I’m a big fan of vintage (as you all probably know by now! lol) and it reminded me of the dress worn by Shirley Temple in ‘A Little Princess’ one of my favourite films (and books!) of all time – I think it was the white collar and cuffs that did it.

So in answer to your question, you can get hold of the dress (called the Lisa Doll Blackwatch dress) here in the Collectif London store (I have a couple of Collectif dresses now, I just love them!) the even better news is that it’s on sale – a bargain not to be missed!
Thank you for dropping by today!
p.s. if you drop by tomorrow my blog is being taken over by my lovely assistant Lisa – eeek! I’m totally OK with not being in control…  honest! lol
disclaimer – Collectif are a sponsor of my blog and did send me this dress as they thought I would love it (they were right!!) however as you know, I only ever endorse things I honestly truly love (I definitely would not wear it on live TV if I didn’t! lol) and I was a big fan of Collectif and owned Collectif pieces before any sponsorship. I look forward to bringing you another Collectif feature soon! :o) Sarah x

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