A Change is Coming…

Today I want to tell you all about some exciting changes coming soon!

Last year I was offered a fabulous opportunity, something that had me think very seriously about the direction of my business and how seriously I wanted to take it. This little brand that I started just to keep me out of mischief had already been growing faster than I ever imagined, than I ever dared hope for. I had to decide, quite quickly, if I would treat it as a little venture for me to earn a living or if I wanted to see how far I could go, how big I could build it, how good it could really be. It wasn’t an easy decision, I fretted over it for days, I’ve never set out to be the biggest, the richest, the loudest, just the best I could, the best I could create, the best I could share with you all. I talked it over with a few people I really trust, one of them said to me ‘don’t you realise, this is what you do, you can’t settle, if it’s not this, it will be something else!’ I realised she was absolutely right, I always strive for more, for better, always have done since I decided as a little girl that I would never have to live in a tower block again, never have to worry about how I would pay the bills, never have to struggle as my mum had had to when we were little, whether I was working on a market stall (yup, done that!) or in a marketing company, or building my own company, I never stopped trying to make things better (that market stall had the neatest signs and most organised racks you’ve ever seen!)

This is my dream job, what I want to do forever, I knew I had to grab it, I took that opportunity with both hands, I threw everything at it, I took on Lisa as my assistant, I spoke to B about working with me more and more, I delegated more and more to the lovely ladies that help me (my design team, mine and B’s mums, my sisters) I worked 20 hour days, I fell asleep on my keyboard more than once! it wasn’t easy, there were a lot of hiccups, I had a tough time handing over my work, my stuff (my baby!) to other people, trusting them to do it as I would do it.

Since then, it’s continued to grow, at a crazy rapid pace that even I can’t believe – every week is something new, a new product, a new opportunity, a new client. It’s been FANTASTIC! I’m giddy, literally giddy.

So, that brings me on to the changes, you may already notice a few tweaks to the blog, there will be more over the next days and weeks, there will be more content on more things (don’t worry, there will still be a ton of craft, more than ever before actually!!) but also more on other lovely things – DIY projects, home and… well, I’ll surprise you with the rest! lol, you’ll also see changes over on the SarahHurley365 blog where my team post and we have a brand new swishy website coming very soon!

On top of all that, you’ll be seeing more products and ranges than ever before, more sharing, more freebies (in fact every week as from next week there will be a regular ‘Freebie Friday’ post!) more collaborations and just generally MORE stuff! I have some lovely sponsors on board (I’ll be posting up some advertising and sponsor info soon, in the meantime, please email me directly if this is something you’d like to get involved in)

I hope you’re as excited for these changes as we are, we have lots and lots in store for you, a lot of which I can’t even tell you about yet (it took me 4 hours to brief my team the other night! and I didn’t even get to tell them everything, lol) but I will just as soon as I can – promise!

Thank you for bearing with me for this epic post, I’m off for dinner with B now :o)


Sarah x

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